Big changes


We’re Married!

Making vowsLife has been everything but boring these past few weeks.  The biggest event was none other than our wedding on November 24th in Chiang Mai.  Not only was the bride absolutely beautiful (and the groom not too shabby either) but it was a day that we were able to dedicate to God and thank Him for this truly wonderful blessing in becoming one together.

The service itself was a mixture of Thai and American traditions, with the message, songs and vows spoken in English and Thai too.  And much to my delight, many of my family members and friends from America were able to come for the week and attend this very special day as well.  A few of our favorite moments were us taking our vows – promising ourselves to each other, to grow in our love for each other and to grow daily with the Lord.  And of course, the “You may kiss the bride” moment was a personal favorite.  At the very end of the ceremony, Tiffany even got her wish by having the Taylor Swift song “You belong with me” played as we proceeded out of the church as husband and wife.

Of course, the goal of our wedding day wasn’t to just have ‘a great day’ but to start our life long marriage and to do it God’s way.  Even prior to this day, we did much planning and had many premarital counseling sessions all with a greater purpose in mind.  Indeed there is still plenty to celebrate.  And we are so thankful for all our friends and family members who were able to share in and help with this special occasion, making it truly memorable.  Thank you all!

Long Neck Karen Children’s Home Ministry

The other big happening that occurred last month just before our wedding was the mission’s organization that Tiff has worked for the last 6 years announced they were ending their ministry in Thailand.  The result of this was not only Tiff losing her job but also fully inheriting the responsibility and opportunity of a children’s home near her home town of Mae Hong Son.  Currently there are 15 kids (7 boys, 8 girls) at the dorm, ranging in age from about 8 to 16 years.  As we shared previously, most of these kids have lost their parents or haven’t seen them in years due to the fighting in Burma.  Most were brought to the Thai border by relatives with the hope of escaping the fighting and obtaining a better future.  And this is where the children’s home comes in to play.

dorm kids

The children’s home enables the kids to attend school while being safe, nourished and in a caring environment.  Even though the home has only been open since this summer, we’ve already seen some of the kids really open up as we provide care, build relationships and share our hearts with them through the God’s love.  Two of the older girls have even expressed interest in going to Bible school after high school to help others in Burma.

The children’s home is definitely a great tool to reach this community and one we see God’s hand on.  When the home was first built, a generator was donated by New Hope Church to the village for running lights.  Prior to this, the village only used candles.  And as the village has benefited from the generator and seen us care for the kids, they too have opened up to us.  Plus we’ve already seen God answer several prayers.  One big answer to prayer was that Tiff received her old organization’s work truck.  _DSC0806This enables us to continue to travel the rough roads along the border for ministering and hauling supplies to the children’s home.  Given this, we are optimistic in praying for full support for the children’s home and for this ministry to fully assist in the children’s development in a holistic manner.

As I mentioned earlier, with Tiffany losing her job, she is also losing her salary.  So we are also lifting this up in prayer.  God has brought us this far and we believe He’s not done yet!

But seek first His kingdom and
His righteousness, and all these things
will be given to you as well. – Matthew 6:33


  • Praise God for a wonderful wedding and marriage!
  • Praise God for a wonderful time with family and friends from America.  Truly a blessing having them come and meet Tiffany in person, see our home in Thailand and be at our wedding.
  • Praise God for giving us a work truck!
  • Continue to pray that the Long Neck Karen children will have all their needs met and to truly know God’s love for them
  • Pray for committed full monthly support our living expenses
  • Please keep praying for continued favor while learning and understanding Thai.  After a month of studying, my tonal control is improving and my vocabulary is up around 250 words.

If you would like to partner with this ministry, please visit our Get Involved web page.

Thank you again for all your prayers, friendships and support.

Jeff and Tiffany

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