If Anyone Hears My Voice

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Shan&Pa-O Ministry


An Open Door

After a long trip away from Chiang Mai, we decided to have a night of fellowship with the Saturday night bible study members.  And since almost everyone here likes หมูกระทะ (pronounced “moo gra tha”, which is a hot pan style BBQ), we invited the Shan and Pa-O from church to join us and to bring their friends.

PreparationGetting all the food ready

After making the arrangements, we were very encouraged by the turn out.  We had more than 30 Shan and Pa-O members and over 50 people total come to our party.  Fellowship and food does go hand and hand even in Thailand!

church membersSome members of our church enjoying the party

While everyone was enjoying the food, we took some time to speak with the friends the Pa-O brought with.  Most knew very little about our church or Christianity as a whole.  So for part of the night, we showed a portion of the Jesus film and shared testimonies and then a gospel message.  And as we asked what they thought in response, we had 2 men come forward and ask to receive Jesus into their hearts!  In both cases, the men knew a Christian because a friend had recently believed.  They didn’t understand what all happened but saw their friend living a different life.  A life for Christ is a powerful witness!

responsePresenting the gospel at the BBQ

A Second Open Door

Many of the Pa-O who attended the BBQ had moved recently as they sought other employment after their last construction job finished.  Since their current village is quite far from our church and their current work situation involves overtime, they have not been able to attend each week.  We had wanted to visit them but because the village is on private property, we were not allowed to do so.  But God opened a door for us a couple of weeks ago and we have been able to hold bible studies with them and hope to continue each week.   So please be praying the door stays open.

Cell group in the camp

As we recently learned, another prayer request concerning is for health and protection from dengue fever and malaria.  There have been a number of cases lately in their area and we don’t want anyone to get sick!


 In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven. – Matthew 5:16 (NIV)

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