“Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us.” – Ephesians 3:20

We have a jumbo addition since it has been a while since we provided an update on the ministry.  Therefore, I hope you check out all the highlights below because you will not be disappointed!  First off, though, I want to thank everyone for your prayers and continued support.  It is always an encouragement to be joined by so many in this amazing work and ministry.  Also, if you aren’t following us on Facebook yet, we invite you to do so at “Freedom Harvest Ministry” to check out the hundreds of recent photos and updates.

Ministry Highlights

Pa-Oh & Shan Ministry

One of the highlights from this month was the Pa-Oh and Shan Christmas-New Year celebration we held in partnership with the Pan Rak Foundation. It was a great time and one reason for that was the young leaders who we’ve been training as they took on a large responsibility and they handled it extremely well.  It was very encouraging to see them succeed and want to glorify God all the more.  One further highlight was that I shared a message entirely in Thai for the first time.  While there were plenty of errors I’m sure, it was still understandable and a wonderful testimony of God helping me with this difficult language.


Pa-Oh Christmas Program and Fellowship

Grace House & Mae Hong Son

There has been much happening in the Long Neck village area recently. In addition to our normal work with Grace House, our first dental team joined us in December. They were from the same church in Oklahoma that helped start Grace House in the very beginning. They did a great job in not only fixing and pulling teeth – and there was a lot of that – but they also helped an older man who came needing 8 stitches for a big gash on his forehead.


Dental Team

The team came during the week of Christmas and we all joined with Tiff’s church and pastor in MHS to do Christmas programs throughout the area. The team was amazing in serving and sharing the gospel each day too. They were a blessing to the villagers and certainly to us as well as they gave us check-ups and were very professional and prepared in every way.


Team Ministering in the Villages

In addition, we were joined by a teaching team from Georgia. They spent a week recently teaching in the local bible college. Not only did they teach but they also helped prepare the students to be teachers themselves through many hands-on activities. This also included field trips to the villages for the real thing each day.


Teaching in the Bible College


Students Training & Teaching in the Local Villages

The team had a doctor too who did check-ups in a very remote area that only has 4 Christians.


Medical Check-ups

By far the biggest highlight for us was to have two of our kids from Grace House be baptized and our neighbor be baptized too!


Baptism and Communion

And there’s more! In partnership with Tiff’s Pastor Kritsana and the local church, we officially kicked off a church in the Long Neck Village! We were joined by the students from the local Bible college too as they helped teach the kids during Sunday School.


New Church in LN Village

For now, the Grace House building will be the meeting place for the new church but we are hoping to have a church building in the near future. For even now we need to use the school building for Sunday school. Please be praying for this new church family and for great growth in the days ahead.

“For we are God’s fellow workers; you are God’s field, God’s building.” – 1 Corinthians 3:9


Freedom FB2

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  1. I just love hearing from you all! Yay I don’t think I heard about the whole sermon in Thailand.

    Love you guys bunches!! If I could teleport, I’d be there to meet you next week for coffee.


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