Trip to the Talako Karen

Lay Tong Ku Allan

Talako Karen

It was about 50 years ago when Allan Eubank made his first visits by foot and elephant into the Lay Tong Ku and Saw Mak villages for sharing the gospel to the Talako Karen. These villages are deep in the jungle along the Burmese border (a 12 hour drive from Chiang Mai).  It was only 3 years ago that a road was built to Lay Tong Ku, though it still takes a 4wd truck to drive it.  This isolation has helped preserve the culture of the villages, which makes visiting them all the more interesting and enjoyable. One of their most distinguishing customs is most men have long hair that they wear in a bun on the top of their heads, which they then complement with a cloth headband.

Tiff and I joined Allan for a 10 day trip to these villages at the end of March, marking my first trip and more than Tiff’s tenth trip.  The churches in both these villages have recently started to grow and we were able to see further growth as God continues His work among the people.  Each day of the trip was a little different, with several days involving children’s ministry, outreach in the villages by visiting homes and larger events like showing the Jesus Film, and also celebrating Good Friday and Easter in the church and as a family.

sharingSharing Christ in the Village Homes in Saw Mak

performanceGood Friday- Village Outreach with Songs, Teaching and Games

baptismPastor Allan conducting a Easter Baptism Service

IMG_3477Baptized! JaSaw was one Tiff shared the gospel with 6 years ago

“He told them, ‘This is what is written: The Messiah will suffer and rise from the dead on the third day, and repentance for the forgiveness of sins will be preached in His Name to all nations, beginning at Jerusalem.'” – Luke 24:46-47 (NIV)

One of the more interesting events of our stay was when the village leaders requested our help and asked us to further explain the gospel for their understanding.  They were also eager to reconcile a past prophecy of a ‘white younger brother’ coming who would come with a golden book, which is also why Pastor Allan has been welcomed back time and again.  As a result of three 6 hour meetings, the leaders thought it best to further embrace Jesus and many prayed to receive Him into their lives.  They also requested for us to come back with further teachings so they may know Jesus more and more.


Leading several of the Lay Tong Ku Talako leaders in a prayer to receive Jesus

new churchPraying over the construction of the new church building

With all that opportunities presented during this time and over the years, we are thankful all the more for His leading and ask for more prayers for these villages.  He is risen indeed!


  • Praise God for His growing family among the Talako Karen!
  • Continued prayer for the surrounding villagers
  • Pray the Talako will continue to grow closer to God

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Thank you again for all your prayers and support.

One response to “Trip to the Talako Karen

  1. Jeff- it is SO encouraging and exciting and awesome and interesting to hear your updates and stories and see the photos as well. It seems like you and Tiff manage to stay busy, but all of your journeys seem fun, rich, and fruitful. Thanks so much for the steady updates and prayer requests. You guys are in my thoughts often and I hope that we can Skype next month (April is a bit saturated, but you never know- it could happen!). Talk soon and say hi to Tiffany for me!


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