More Than Imagined


“Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us, to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.” – Ephesians 3:20-21

I hope you are all doing well as I send out this latest update on the ministry here in Thailand. This is the first update as 2016 had a rough start and I’m trying to catch up.  On January 7th, as Tiff and I were heading back from a bible study, we were hit by a drunk driver that resulted in me being brought to the hospital by ambulance. 


My injury was a result of whiplash as we were hit from behind while waiting at a red light.  Our truck also hit the truck in front of us and that only added to the effect.  A positive was that only I was injured and the doctors said there was only muscle and tendon damage and no broken bones or nerve damage.  However, the accident did require a neck brace, bed rest for a few weeks, and continued limited activity.  There has also been daily headaches and neck pain along with the ongoing problem with the insurance companies and working with the police on this.  Sadly, Thailand does not have laws against drunk driving that are consistently enforced and handled properly. With all of that said, I am thankful that I am doing a lot better health-wise, especially in the past 2 weeks, and continue to improve.

The remarkable thing is that, in spite of my inability to work for a few weeks, this has been a very productive and effective time of ministry.  Below are some of the many highlights and a testimony that God is able and can do more than we ask or imagine.

Ministry Highlights

Pa-Oh & Shan Marriage Training and Wedding

Just prior to the accident, we held a marriage training seminar for the Pa-Oh and Shan members at church.  This was the 2nd such training that Pastor Allan Eubank, our friends John and Lin, and several from our church helped us conduct to help encourage and strengthen the marriages of this group that initially didn’t understand God’s plan for marriage.  In addition to teaching on forgiveness, love languages, conflict management and healing, we also held a Christian marriage dedication service for 2 previously married couples and a wedding for a brand new couple.


Marriage Training and Pa-Oh Wedding

Teams from the US

At the end of January, we hosted a team from Dogwood and New Hope churches in Georgia that taught the bible along the border in Mae Hong Son.  Each day the team taught on different aspects of leadership, bible studies, personal growth and evangelism at the local Bible school.   They also ministered in several villages doing outreaches and providing medical care.  Not to mention that Tiff and the team were very gracious with me as I wasn’t able to be very active.

Dogwood team 1Teaching at the Bible school and Medical Outreach

One important highlight to me was the opportunity they had with the kids at Grace House. There they had a very focused and deep discussion about salvation and the importance of faith in Jesus and really connected with the kids. 

Fellowship and Training at Grace House

And just this past week, we hosted a team from One Church in Oklahoma that, as Tiff said, was “a good and fun team”.   They did a great job ministering at some of the local churches and in two of the schools and were very flexible given schedule changes.  One thing is for sure was that our Grace House kids loved having them there and being a part of all the songs, games, crafts and teachings.


Teaching at Grace House and in the Long Neck School


Ministering at Local Churches and at a Village School

Pa-Oh & Shan Ministry

One further highlight that I wanted to mention includes the work among the Pa-Oh & Shan communities in Chiang Mai.  A couple weeks ago was the birthday of one of the children and his parents wanted to use the occasion for doing an outreach to their friends and family. 

JO bday

Birthday and Outreach

This family just left to visit their remaining family in Burma and to share their testimony and the good news of Jesus Christ with their village.  Please pray with me for save travels and open hearts.

“Whoever is wise, let him attend to these things; let them consider the steadfast love of the LORD.” – Psalm 107:43

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